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Geoff Riggs, IBM Global Business Services
IBM Canada provides technology and services to help clients reduce costs and save energy

Geoff Riggs“Today’s problems demand a confluence of players. Where it comes together is in the data analystics – the insights that reveal the problem and point to the solution.”

– Geoff Riggs, Sustainable Resource Strategy, IBM Canada


Geoff Riggs is an IBM project manager, consultant and business development manager whose career spans a wide range of technologies, industries and geographies. In recent years Geoff has been involved in advancing IBMs Smarter Planet agenda, helping to develop and deploy advanced analytical and business intelligence technology that supports fundamental community needs, and addresses pervasive efficiency and sustainability challenges. Geoff collaborates with research teams, subject matter experts and industry partners around the globe to support the development of innovative and transformative sustainable resource solutions. Geoff is passionate about integrated water management solutions, complex systems dynamics, sustainability and innovative multi-disciplinary partnerships.

IBM Presentation


IBM Webinar Highlights

  • Smarter planet is a broad term that IBM coined some years ago. Smarter city is an umbrella term that covers smart water, smart energy…all based on smart management through analytics.
  • Re energy, our analytics can do processing of mass mounts of information from the utilities and agencies that consume energy, including citizens. This allows us to provide dashboards for full-spectrum uses by operators, citizens, providers and managers. The key is to engage the people, to engage in the transformation capabilities of the art of the possible from the technologies.
  • We are facing increased pressure from:
    • Our population surge, with its increase in age, that requires higher levels of support
    • Our networks, which have to take the strain of 100-billion networked devices
    • Our demands for water and food, which are putting a strain on our resources
  • To our advantage, more and more of our devices are instrumented, and can connect via the Internet to share data. The analysis of this information can create actionable insights
  • These insights impact both the consumer and producer: consumers are able to take better control of an environment that analytics has just revealed to them, such as the ability to see and manage their own energy consumption, and producers are able to better predict demand and prevent outages
  • One of IBM’s new research domains is the Smart Energy Research Institute (SERI) which works with energy and utility companies on issue such as outage planning optimization, asset management optimization, integration of renewables and distributed energy resources, wide-area situational awareness and the participatory network.
  • With analytics, planners can be proactive and predictive rather than reactive. This will significantly reduce the financial barriers for cash-strapped municipalities.

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