Smart Energy, Smart Economy

“We are on the ‘inflective curve’ of the disruption graph. Never before have we faced such an acceleration of social and economic change. The foundation of our modern ecosystem – energy – is in especially grave danger.”
– Bill Hutchison, Chair, i-CANADA

Smart Energy, Smart Economy


Daniel Assandri, President and CEO, ABB Canada; Jim Anderson, VP Smart Cities, Schneider Electric; Geoff Riggs, Sustainable Resource Strategy, IBM; Bill Hutchison, Chair, i-CANADA and Moderator.
Not pictured: Steven Fawes, Founder, Energypro UK

Smart Energy, Smart Economy is an i-CANADA webinar and presentation event held at the Americana conference in Montreal on March 19 2015. A panel of leaders from some of the world’s largest energy products and services companies, described “smart” energy solutions that are vital to manage energy consumption and to exploit global opportunities.